12 April 2010

Today, I Will Remember To Feel Lucky

It’s easy to be pissy today.

It’s Saturday, and I’m stuck at work. Instead of being at home with my family, listening to music and barbecuing, dancing with my son and husband, I’m typing and answering phones, all alone.

Its chilly today, and I can’t find my cardigan. I’m in a sweater that doesn’t match, and doesn’t have a button or zipper closure.

After I made myself an egg sandwich this morning, my son thought he could eat it all. Damn kids.

Do you want to slap me yet? Because it’s this train of thought that made me want to soundly whack myself in the cheek. If I were the super amazing DJ I wish I were (yes, I’m a grown woman who’d love to be a DJ), you’d hear that Fat Man Scoop rewind sound right about…now.

It’s Saturday, and I get a fairly (as it’s rarely completely calm in real estate) quiet work day to catch up on some stuff. Stuff that needed doin’, darn it. I’m able to take a few moments during a busy work day and recognize my blessings. And I have a job to be stuck at on a Saturday, which not everyone is lucky enough to possess. The barbecue and family will be there when I’m done.

It isn’t even really that chilly anymore. It’s gotten up to the high fifties, and the sun is shining. The wind has died down, the trees are dancing in the awesome sunlight, which is shining down un obscured from the gorgeous blue sky. And my sweater fits, is comfortable, and has kept me warm when I was lots chillier.

I was able to make breakfast this morning, and sit to enjoy it with my offspring. Who cares if he got yolk on my pant leg? That’s why the Brawny paper towel man is in existence. At least, one reason.

When I get home, I will get to enjoy dinner with family and friends, wash my yolk-ey pants, put on flip flops, and go to sleep safe and sound. I will wake in the morning, and remember that I am lucky to have these things, in addition to much, much more.

Today, I will remember to feel lucky, happy, and blessed.


Daddy said...

Nice. :-)


Your little bro said...

Muddah, Faddah kindly disregard this lettah.

Dad said...

LOL!!! ARL: Score! You two are sure a matched set. I R A Lucky Dad.