27 February 2010

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Contraceptives....

My kid has pink eye.

No, stop it, that wasn’t a sympathy fish hook. It’s just the beginning part of the explanation as to why I was in the Rite Aid medication section today.

Why is this:

Above this:

And this?

I just feel like you could have named this aisle better. Maybe "Family Prevention" or "Sperm Deterrents". Or maybe just plain 'ole "Seventeen ways to avoid making a trip to Planned Parenthood".

Anyway, Rite Aid, if you’re reading this, I’m super confused.


injaynesworld said...

I LOATHE Rite-Aid. Their aisles are all on the diagonal. What's up with that? And I can never find what I want. Suckiest store ever. Hope your son is better soon.

Lucy said...

Love this!

Left a little something for you over on my blog.