08 October 2009

I Like Free Stuff, too, but Damn.

Craigslist scares me.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some people who are perfectly fine with Craigslist. I just don’t happen to be one of them. It might have something to do with living next to Baltimore, but who knows?

Craigslist also irritates me.

That’s right, it irritates me. I seem to have a hard time figuring out why someone with a puked on, cigarette burned (yes, I’m speaking from experience) Graco BABY SWING can feel justified in trying to sell it for fifty dollars. It’s insanity.

In lieu of Craigslist, I’ve found Freecycle, which is a Yahoo group that only allows the giving up or receiving of goods. No trading, no selling, and no offering of or asking for any type of service. It’s a nice little group, and it seems to really have weeded out the crazies and undesirables.


Here are some that have been posted in my local area (as you can only join the county you reside in).

“as long as it works looking for outdoor hot tub, thanks”

No shit, eh? Me too. Especially one that makes it’s own mai tais, or one that comes with a cabana boy.

“Looking for a HE washer and or dryer my washer the pump when out for the drain the motor burned up and it is almost $400.00 for a new one might as well by a new washer but cannot afford one so hoping someone has one that is working and not using or a non working Kenmore Elite Calypso washer that is not working that is what my old one is so if you do let me know please. Thanks Matt”

Matt, I also would like an HE washer and or dryer. I also want a pink, sparkly pony, and all my bills to be paid by Jah. Live the dream.

“I'm not one of those people that has tons of sheets, I just buy one set and use it until it's worn out. But I figured I could save some money by checking on freecycle first. I ripped a huge whole in my fitted sheet this morning. I'mnot picky at all about the color would prefer no stains though of course;) thanks!”

Too bad this person didn’t hook up with this person:

“Satin? sheets from Walmart.... used 1 time for 1 night, I can'tstand how slippery they are. Fits a queen sized bed. Creme colored.”

Dude, you’re both fuckin’ gross.

Then again, maybe they can hook up with Matt, once the Home Depot fairy bonks him on his head.

Freecycle might scare me now, too. Dammit.

Back to Target.


injaynesworld said...

Yeah, it's all kind of creepy. But I do like a good thrift shop, especially those on the edges of affluent neighborhoods. It's just amazing what some of those rich bitches will toss.

Ashley said...

I don't know why you're surprised, I got that comforter you slept under for a year from beside a dumpster, free makes up for however disjusting it is. HAHAHAH j/k

Tawnia said...

Looking for non-serial killer type to watch two kids during the day while I get drunk and eat bon-bons.
Funny piece!
Love tawnia

Kristi Stevens said...

Thanks for my first laugh of the day. Can I play?

Wanted: like new LG fridge (my current fridge leaks), LG washer with pedestal, of course (my current washer's drain cycle keeps getting stuck and I think I'm wearing clothes full of soap), and LG dryer ('cause, you know, the dryer needs to match the washer).


LucyCooper said...

Ok, I know I'm chiming in really late. But I am going to be laughing about those sheets for days. SICK!

How about, "Thong panties, Worn once, too tight! Free to a loving home."

Jane Lively said...

awesome... i love craig but hate freecycle. that's where i found the truly creepy poachers to lurk.