26 June 2009

Welcome Home-ish

The Move has happened.

And I didn’t capitalize the “t” in the just because it was at the beginning of the sentence. It is truly that important. It is capitalized for normal reasons, but also in an A.A. Milne word of significance sense.

Here is a list of things this week that made me want to become a cutter:

1. I drove from Richmond, VA to an hour past Baltimore, MD with a six year old with a toothache, a pissy (bored and teething) nine month old, two cats, various must have living items, a dying Zune, and a flat Amp energy drink.
2. I was the follower rather than the leader, even though I had the GPS. Man, testosterone rocks my socks off.
3. My four year old and six year old will not, under any circumstances, quit bitching at each other.
4. The basement in this house covers the same space as the top level of the house, so it sounds like we’re walking around in a mobile home that is teetering perilously over the (very echo-y) cavernous hole to hell. (Which I didn't even belive in until I found out that it was under my house.)
5. I found out what it’s like to try and pass a tractor on a country road. I also found out what it’s like to have a tractor driver think it’s funny to make you try and pee your pants while you’re in your car on the country road.
6. It took twenty minutes to explain to my stepdaughter how horses can be so pretty to look at, and so foul to smell.
7. It took another ten minutes to explain why cows and horses smell the same. And to explain why they live near us.
8. Everything out here costs five dollars more than anything in the south.
9. I have boxes all over my house, PMS, a dishwasher that takes 16.7 hours to cycle, and a kid who’s learned how to make his Johnny Jump Up into a swing.
10. I have no booze anywhere in this house. I’m thisclose to drinking Listerine and taking a Zanax.


Cafe Mocha Momma said...

After all of that, you deserve a break! Have a frothy cup of cappuccino with a Turtle Pecan biscotti on the side. . .I've found that it's just the right buzz for me!

Kristi Stevens said...

If you've got 'em... break on out the Xanax - LOL... why do they require a script? Seriously, they should be OTC and labeled as POST-natal vitamins.

If the pic above is your new place and you already have stuff hanging on the walls - you rock. I've been in my house 3 years and still am not done unpacking.