03 February 2014

Glow On.

I've noticed some rumblings today about the Coke commercial from last night.  Here’s my take: 

No one can take away your shine.  No one is going to block your glow.  And the more we learn to glow together, the brighter things will be. 

Here’s the thing:  If you are upset by diversity, there is a period of inner reflection that should occur, and no one can start down that road for you.  We ALL have struggles, and all have things we aren't proud of…and all have things that we can be WILDLY proud of.  The location we were birthed should not factor into that pride.  What language we were taught during our formative years should not pigeonhole our existence.  What should be recognized is the strength, courage and love of self and family that goes into being able to pack up an entire home and move to another country in the fervent hope we can give something better to our children.  To their children.  To our family name.  And there are places that, unfortunately, those opportunities are not readily available.  

But they are here.  

And improvement should not be taken for granted, no matter how it is dressed or what language it speaks when it arrives.

No one living currently built this country on their back.  We should be as grateful for what we are given by being citizens of this country as those who have been the tired and poor, yearning to breathe free. 

If we want people to earn their keep, we should earn ours.  But instead of earning keep in America, we should earn our keep within humanity.  

1 comment:

Jayne Martin said...

Bravo, Sandra! I hope one day people stop being so fearful of those who are different somehow taking something away from them. Instead of ragging on immigrants, they should be ragging on corporate executives.